Why an animated training film?

Let’s make training films enjoyable
With their dry subject matter training films can struggle to engage with their audience, but animated training films use humour and imagination to avoid this. After all, anything is possible with animation – need to show an office burning to the ground? Advertising law as a giant threatening monster? The Queen on a unicycle? No problem, with animation we can make anything happen! We can make entertaining and memorable films at a reasonable price.


Easily revise and expand your training films.
To keep your training up to date you may need to add new scenes or revise old ones. With live action video this can cause continuity problems and make for a poorer viewing experience. Consequently you may decide to commission an entirely new film, expensive! Animated training films on the other hand, easily withstand the test of time. Changes to fashion and technology have little impact, and of course we don’t need to worry about the availability of actors and locations either. With animated training films there is less reason to update the look and feel of your films. If the content does need revising then reusing existing scenes doesn’t cause problems – keeping costs down and production values up.


Translate your films into multiple languages.
Translating live action films into other languages involves adding subtitles or dubbing. If the film has no onscreen dialogue or presenters this will help matters, but the filming location will still reveal where the film originated – making it feel less relevant to your local markets. With animated films each version of your film appears bespoke for it’s intended audience. Translation and voice-over recording follow simple guidelines which mean the new audio is easily applied. Unlike with live action films, the original production values and effectiveness are not lost in translation.